Everything you need to stay safe on the hill.

Keeping yourself in direct contact with the patrol not only gives you peace of mind, but also improves patrol response time in the time of need. Don't get left out in the cold!

Instant Support

Instantly contact ski patrol when assistance is needed.

Incident Reporting

Easy crowd source reporting of conditions, lost & found, and more.

Activity Tracking

Monitor your stats with real-time ski day activity tracking and analysis.

Friend Finder

Easily find friends and communicate with each other.

Works Everywhere

Automatically gets you connected to any mountain, anywhere.

No Signal Required

SnoSuite works even when a cell signal can not be found.

Everything you need to assit your team and your riders.

A single platform to visualize and manage your hills. Get immediate requests for help, pinpoint the location, and respond efficiently.

Improved Response Time

Dispatch is now armed with synchronous data, location, and updates.

Increase Awareness

Communicate directly with guests while on the hill.

Proactive Environment

Guests can easily share critical incidents directly with patrol to increase awareness.

Save Resources

Easy team management tools to help save valuable time and resources.

Automatic Reporting

Patrol updates and relevant data are automatically attached to incident reports.

Continued Support

SnoSuite is constantly making updates and adding new features.

Technology and dispatch combined.

Improve team promptness and awareness by assigning the right patrol. The riders in need will thank you for it.

Real-time Team Locations

Dispatch is now armed with synchronous data, location, and updates.

Incident Forwarding

Communicate directly with guests while on the hill.

Incident Archive and Retrieval

Use our time machine to go back and see what happened.

Multi-patroller Incident Assignment

Assign any number of team members to an incident.

Persistent Incident Notes

Attach anything you need in incident specific notes.


See when and what happened from request received, to patient release.