What are we doing?

Alpen Respond is bringing instant value as an all ski resort incident response & communications mobile application for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, mountain bikers and otherwise in-bounds adventurers. There when you need it, quietly purring in the background when you don't.

Why are we doing it?

Ever attempted to report a collision, hazard, situation or crime? Have a child wander off, or found yourself dauntingly wandering? Gear missing? In a precarious position? Have you ever attempted to locate assistance when injured? Reaching mountain safety or security teams can often be unclear, awkward, and quite different from one resort to another. We like unique, but if there was ever one aspect of the industry that we want to be familiar!?

How are we doing it?

Not easily that’s for sure. The Alpen Respond platform is complex and has been time consuming to engineer and build. Developing a single platform that brings valuable tools to every snow rider, at more than 450 North America ski resorts is an enormous task. But we knew that if we wanted to solve real industry challenges, we needed to start with a solid foundation. There are many challenges ahead and we can only achieve them together.

What tools are currently available on our mobile applications?

skier safety incident reporting

Incident Reporting

Communicating incidents and situation with mountain teams - made easy!

  • Missing person
  • Trail Hazards
  • Lost & Found
  • Theft & Crime
  • Collision
  • Other
ski patrol incident response

Universal Response Request

In the event you become injured or just need on-mountain assistance...quickly!

  • One-touch Request Assistance - any resort
  • Real-time Communications with Mountain Dispatch
  • Backup Response Contacts
ski area map

Resort Intel & Real-time Mountain Alerts

Right information, right place, right now!

  • In-bounds Alerts - Trail, Lift, and Lodge
  • Global Alerts - Weather, Road, and Parking
  • Global Guest Services Contact
  • Trails, Lifts, Parks
  • Vertical, Terrain Difficulty
ski area weather reporting


Mountain weather is fickle. Help your friends & family prepare by sharing your personal opinion of the current conditions on-the-fly.

  • Personal Ski and Snow Reporting
  • Geographically verified
  • Real-time, Crowd-sourced
  • Wind, Snowpack, Visibility, Precipitation
  • Time & Date Stamped
  • Pinpoint Location
ski resort trail map

Friends & Family Location Updates

Locate friends and family at any North American ski resort.

  • Real-time location updates
  • Visibility settings
  • Location information only shared in-bounds
  • No stalking!
ski resort safety awareness

Universal Safety Awareness

One stop for the latest safety protocols & information.

  • Snow Rider Responsibility Code
  • In the event of snow rider needs assistance
  • Covid Best Practices
  • Helmet Safety
  • Collision Awareness
  • Terrain Park Safety
  • Tree Well & Deep Snow Safety
  • Fun in the Sun - UV Awareness

familiar & accessible ski resort communication processes & protocols

Alpen Respond is available as a independent mobile application, as a white-label ski resort application, or freely included in the Alpen Life application.
Regardless of your choice, each option works at every ski area.

Stand Alone Application

Availale on Android & iOS

Ski Resort Safety Login


Branded Ski Resort application

ski area mobile application

Alpen Life

Available option on the free Alpen Life application

skier and snowboarder trip details

We're not sure if you know what it takes to be a patroller but we can certainly tell you the pay stinks, the hours are long, the work conditions can be brutal, the training never stops, and the job is AWESOME!

Our ski patrollers deserve every bit of gratitude and support we can muster. What our patrollers must endure to keep us safe is extraordinary and should be heralded frequently from the top of every mountain they serve. If you enjoy the warm fuzzy blanket of knowing ski patrol is there if needed, please consider a donation today.

Note: Alpen Respond does not change any in-bounds patrol processes; not how they train, patient care, packaging, transport, not even patroller radio communication...nada. Alpen Respond bonds a patient/resort link and provides mountain dispatch additional information to help them better help you. When it comes to ski patrol, Alpen Respond helps patrollers do the job they love to do.